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2010: A Homeopathic Odyssey
Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Organon of Medicine
Redondo Beach, California USA May
18-22, 2010


The main theme for the 65th LIGA Congress is 2010: A Homeopathic Odyssey which draws from the famous epic poem of Homer in the sense that Odysseus must undergo many trails and tribulations in order to obtain his triumphs—so with homeopathy.  There are few sciences that have had to endure such tremendous ordeals as homeopathic medicine.  However, there is another reason why this theme was chosen which centers more on the place where this Congress will be held—California, Redondo Beach in the Los Angeles area and the international home of movie entertainment.  There was a famous movie called 2001: A Space Odyssey and a sequel done with the year 2010.  This “play on words” again has a theme of tests and challenges, but also a sense of the Future and the exploration of the unknown knowledge in this universal, harmonious and natural approach to medicine. 
A sub-theme is that of celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Organon of Medicine writtenby Samuel Hahnemann. This, of course, has a sense of the Past. In other words, this 65th Congress wants to honor the past and emphasize the marvelous ideals of Hahnemann, but also simultaneously emphasized the Present and Future.  Of course, Truth is timeless, but as the old Hispanic saying goes: “La Verdad no se casa con Nadie” or Truth is not married to anyone.  One must hold to your ideals until a legitimate truth requires one to have the courage and wisdom to change. The original Organon, Sixth Edition, with Hahnemann’s handwriting, is presently in San Francisco in the University and will, hopefully, be transferred to the Los Angeles area for this special 200th anniversary.
Other special topics will include:  Miasms:  What Evidence in Modern Medicine; Treatment of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases. Pediatrics and Immunization Studies; Materia Medica:  The Snake Remedies; Evidence Based Homeopathy; Provings; Veterinary and Dentistry Homeopathy, and Open Topics.
Speakers who have been invited, but not all confirmed: Carlos Campora [Argentina], Anton Rohrer [Austria], Andre Saine [Canada], Josef Schmidt [Germany], Didier Grandgeorge [France], Sadhna Thakkar [India], Farokh Master [India], Roberto Petrucci [Italy] Klaus von Ammon [Switzerland], Peter Fisher [United Kingdom], Iris Bell [USA], Roger Morrison [USA], Richard Moskowitz [USA] Todd Rowe [USA], and others. 
The Congress will be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel which has a beautiful view of the ocean with bike paths for miles along one of the most majestic beaches in the world. The weather is warm, moderate and sunny for which Southern California is famous.  It is strategically located only 5 miles from the International Los Angeles Airport and has a hotel shuttle which usually takes about 20 minutes.  Disneyland is a few minutes away and, of course, the world famous movie studio tours, art, music, theatre, museums, entertainments, etc., for which this area is well known.
Please come, learn, enjoy and be empowered by this homeopathic adventure. 
For registration, information on admission of abstracts, etc.,please go to the Website:  LIGA2010.ORGWishing you all the very best.


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